Ethan 101

If you know Ethan you'd know...
He is addicted to Legos
He loves camping
He has a wild imagination
He is constantly doing or attempting to do anything and everything that a non-trached kiddo would or can do!
He is VERY charming
He wants an iPod more than a teenage girl
He speaks his mind---*tongue in cheek*
He can organize better than his mama
He can catch a squirrel
He has been bitten by a squirrel
He has taught his baby sissy everything she knows
He never gets full!
He loves Zombies
He eats a PB and Honey sandwich everyday, sometimes twice.
He is a little brother
He is a big brother
He was hospitalized once for 5 different infections/illnesses
He is an artist
He answers to Mr. Magoo
He is a Twilight fan
He taught me when to fight for something
He is a lazy genius
He gives a great hug
He get's in to trouble just like any other little boy...maybe more:) 
He loves to help
He can make his mama laugh, yell, cry, scream, smile and crazy all at the same time!!
He has OCD tendencies
He is sneaky like a ninja
He has been helping change his own trach ties since he was 2yrs old
He is stronger in more ways than one
He is a chocolate junky
He looks awesome on CT scans
He is Hercules strong when faced with a needle
He can master any Transformer action figure faster than fast
He can teach you anything is possible
He has more stuffed animals than anyone I know--thanks Children's
He is slightly obsessed with flip flops
He was making squeaky sounds an hour after his trach was placed
He makes his mama proud everyday!!
He's the quietest when he laughs uncontrollably
He has a tiny pink birthmark on his wrist
He dreams BIG
I'm his Awee...pronounced Ahww-EEEEE

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