Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten(or so) things I HATE about you..

Dear Marysville School District,

I HATE you because,

You do everything behind my back, then when I find out you beg for forgiveness

My son has missed school

You can't stop saying my son is "healthy"

The stress you have put me through has sent me to the doctor!

You are DISRESPECTFUL in too many ways

When I'm busy dealing with you I'm missing out on my family

You are ruining my relationship with my son(s)'s teachers

I'm now afraid for my son's health while he's at school

You segregated my child

Your "system" is not a system

To you it's all about the money

You don't understand the meaning of stable

I want to dismantle a brick fireplace and use the bricks to test the windows at the district office

I have hateful thoughts

I swear more

After 5 months you still don't F**KING get IT! 

*IF you want to get technical there is some positive things that have happened since all of this started.  Maybe when I'm not blinded by hate I will blog about it. 

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